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In the current scrap metal processing market, there are a lot of users who use dual shaft shredder. When using the equipment, it is very common to have the screen broken. So what is the cause of the dual shaft shredder screen breaking?


The screen of dual shaft shredder is the main accessory for screening and separating the size of materials in the process of material tearing. It is frequently used, so fracture is also a common problem. Users familiar with the equipment are aware of it, but some users think that the quality of our equipment is not good. In fact, the fracture of the screen is not closely related to the quality itself, and the following may be caused The causes of the screen breakage of the dual shaft shredder are as follows


1. When the dual shaft shredder is working, if the power is insufficient, the screen will break. Due to the lack of electric power, the materials enter into the crushing chamber, and then the screen breaks.


2. When the dual shaft shredder is working, if the material contains impurities and other hard materials, it will damage the screen screen, which will lead to screen fracture in serious cases.


3. When the dual shaft shredder is working, the amplitude is too large and the material is severely impacted, which causes the screen to break.


4. When the dual shaft shredder is working, the screen structure is damaged, for example, a welding part of the screen body is broken, the rubber pad is worn seriously or there is a vacancy.


The above is the dual shaft shredder spare screen broken four reasons, hope to provide help for the majority of users. Screen is the main part of the dual shaft shredder to complete the screening work in production. In the production process, there may be some reasons leading to the phenomenon of screen fracture. If you encounter this phenomenon, please do not worry, according to the above points to find out the causes and solve it.


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