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Every new dual shaft shredder equipment has to go through the running in period. The running in period is an important stage. If you pass through the running in period safely, the machine will use more smoothly. So, for the dual shaft shredder, can you handle its running in period smoothly? What can we do to help the dual shaft shredder through the running in period?


In fact, the running in period of dual shaft shredder is a period of adaptation before the normal operation of the machine, which generally refers to the contact, friction and bite process of mechanical parts in the initial operation. During this period, we can adjust and improve the ability of each part of mechanical equipment to adapt to the environment. Although the dual shaft shredder equipment in the factory has also been run in, but the surface of the parts will still be rough. In addition, there are some deviations and hidden dangers in the process of processing and assembly. Therefore, the new dual shaft shredder must be run in for a certain period of time, so as to better ensure the normal and orderly work of the later dual shaft shredder. During this period, the operators of the dual shaft shredder should be trained and be able to master all the details of operation. Before starting up the machine, check whether there is any abnormality in the machine. It is necessary to operate according to the operation procedures of the dual shaft shredder. It is not allowed to operate the shredder at will according to his own ideas.


For enterprises, we may not understand the functional structure and performance characteristics of the dual shaft shredder. Without reasonable mechanical running in at the early stage, it is easy to see that the working efficiency of the shredder is not high, and even can not achieve the expected effect, since the early grinding in is so Important, how to let the shredder safely through the running in period, let the dual shaft shredder play to, let the later production step into the normal.


Before the operation of the dual shaft shredder, the operator should have a certain understanding of its performance characteristics and structural characteristics, accept the professional and professional guidance of the manufacturer, and strictly follow the operation specifications, so as to avoid unnecessary losses caused by operation errors. There is also how to smoothly pass the running in period of the dual shaft shredder. We all know that the running in period is very important for newly purchased machinery and equipment. Smooth and smooth running in period can ensure the normal operation of production. During this period, pay attention to the working load during the running in period. Half of the working load in the running in period should not exceed 70% of the rated working load, Appropriate workload should be arranged to prevent overheating caused by long-time continuous operation of the machine. Crusher in the work of attention to observe the various instruments, from which we can see the working state of various parts of loader accessories, problems are also convenient to solve in time. Pay attention to the regular inspection of lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, wear and quality, and check the sealing of the whole machine. If too much oil and water is found in the inspection, the causes should be analyzed.


After the running in period, we should clean up the dual shaft shredder, and conduct comprehensive inspection and maintenance to check whether there are loose bolts of various parts and the wear condition of various parts. Regular maintenance of the dual shaft shredder can not only prolong the service life of the machine, but also lay a good foundation for the normal work of the shredder.


As long as we are familiar with the performance of the equipment, standard operation, reasonable running in process, daily timely inspection and maintenance of wear and lubrication, we can achieve good results, and the incidence of failure will be reduced, and the production cost will also be reduced. Let the dual shaft shredder safe and orderly production, which will also reduce the follow-up maintenance costs, increase enterprise income, reduce unnecessary costs.


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