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The dual shaft shredder is composed of many parts, each part plays a very important role. Which parts determine the quality of the dual shaft shredder


1.Motor: the motor of the dual shaft shredder is a very important core component. The motor should be the national standard commodity produced by the factory. Never use innovative motor or non national standard motor. Because the diameter of copper enameled wire of these motors can not meet the rated current requirement of bar machine. Therefore, the motor is simple to burn or lack of driving force, which affects the rolling speed of the shredder and the crushing effect of the whole machine;


2. Bearing of dual shaft shredder: why many customers say that the production quality of the dual shaft shredder purchased is not very good. The reason is that the quality of bearing depends on the quality of production. The bearings produced by Harbin, Wafangdian and Luoyang are good. In addition, bearings produced by small factories should not be selected, but at the same time, special attention should be paid to counterfeit goods.


3.Dual shaft shredder steel plate: in order to meet the requirements of steel plate thickness, standard steel plate has more guarantee in service life. The dual shaft shredder produced by our company can be used in many ways to meet the market demand and reduce the risk of investment for users. The equipment has stable and reliable work, long service life, convenient operation, compact structure, simple device, small investment and large income.


4.Blade of dual shaft shredder: it is also the core part. The material and claw number of the blade and the shape of the claw have different changes. Materials such as waste furniture and ordinary plastic bottles can be made of 9CrSi steel. Rubber products and metal products need to use cr12mov1 material. The number of claws and the shape of claws are generally designed according to the machine design.


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