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Aluminum shredder is widely used in scrap iron, plastic, wood and other bulk products by cutting, tearing and extruding to reduce material size. It is mainly composed of knife roller, screen, fixed knife, bearing box, box support, feeding system, power system and electrical control system. Because of its low speed and high torque, the aluminum shredder is suitable for tearing hard or bulky materials, such as wood, tires, waste household appliances, metal, etc.


The shock absorber installed on the aluminum shredder is a kind of vibration spring shock absorber, which is a vibration control device sensitive to displacement. When a large piece of solid and tough material enters the aluminum shredder, it is easy to get stuck. It is necessary to reverse the motor again and then turn the motor forward. In serious cases, it is even necessary to pour out the material again and tear it up after preliminary separation, which greatly reduces the operation efficiency and output of the equipment. The purpose of installing this damping device is to reduce the impact and vibration of the material on the aluminum shredder. The spring is used to absorb the vibration energy, and the tool spacing of the aluminum shredder is adjusted automatically with the vibration of the shock absorber. In this way, the problem of machine jam is solved, and the motor is protected by overload.


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