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As we all know, dual shaft shredder is a kind of machine used for fine tearing. It is usually used to process raw materials or scraps to make them smaller. Typical examples include tearing up plastic or rubber waste, melting it as a raw material, granulating, and remanufacturing plastic bottles, tires, or trash cans. Compared with other crushers, shredder cutter shaft speed is low, noise is low, energy consumption is low. The conveyor can save manpower, improve the efficiency of dual shaft shredder and save manpower investment. However, before deciding whether to configure conveying equipment, the conveyor should be determined according to the actual production situation and the comprehensive consideration of various aspects.


Shuguang heavy machinery shredder model complete, specifications and models complete. At the same time, according to the special needs of the site, the structure of the equipment can be changed. These different specifications and models are suitable for different scale production. Customers who are ready to purchase dual shaft shredder will basically configure the conveying equipment according to the requirements of model and production efficiency.


Small dual shaft shredder is suitable for small daily processing. This type of conveyor is usually not equipped with conveying equipment, but if you want to save human resources or in the case of insufficient human resources, it can also be configured with conveying equipment, which generally needs supporting conveying equipment to speed up the efficiency of the whole conveying equipment. If there are sufficient human resources on site and some equipment investment is expected to be saved in the early stage, the use of conveyor is not recommended. It relies on manual feeding, but needs to meet the timely supply of feed. In short, the configuration of conveyor can save a lot of manpower and material resources.


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