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What are the factors affecting the production of dual shaft shredder? The main factors are the size of the internal cutter head and the size of the power system. At the same time, the factors affecting the output are the size of the feeding port and the feeding speed. The size of the feeding port of the shredder is determined by the size of the hopper and the moving knife box. What is the effect of feeding speed on the production of dual shaft shredder?


The feeding hopper can affect the amount of material that can be put into the unit time, that is, if the amount of material that can be handled by the dual shaft shredder is greater than that of the feeding port, the feeding speed has little effect, as long as the feeding speed does not exceed the storage size of the hopper per unit time. That is to say, if the processing speed is greater than the feeding speed, there will be no blockage and other problems. In this case, the impact of feeding speed on the shredder output is not particularly large, mainly depends on the processing capacity of the machine itself. For example, the 800 type shredder can process the waste light iron sheet, and the output is about 1000 kg, or even more. If the processing of plastic and other light materials, the output is in the range of 800 kg-1000 kg. Of course, the model is larger and the processing capacity is larger. If the feeding speed is greater than the processing speed, it is easy to cause the shredder blocking problem. Therefore, the choice of shredder equipment and model, first of all, according to the material situation, as well as the production requirements for reasonable configuration of equipment.


At the same time, remind users to ensure production at ease. Before entering the hopper, please find out which materials can't be torn to avoid damaging the machine. In the process of feeding, if the material inlet is blocked, do not clean it by hand, but stop the machine to clean up the blockage. If the motor power is used, the power supply should be cut off first and then the fault can be eliminated. There should be no fireworks on the working site, and the method of increasing the rotation speed should not be used to increase the output. Maintenance can not be ignored. During the operation of dual shaft shredder, the bearing temperature should not exceed 50 degrees. If the bearing temperature continues to rise under normal working conditions, the machine should be shut down for inspection immediately to find out the cause, eliminate the fault and solve the problem. Grease the bearings regularly.


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