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Dual shaft shredder and other machinery, should pay attention to moisture and water-proof, the machine is made of iron, iron is afraid of water, although the surface is painted, but many of the interior is not painted, so we should pay attention to moisture and waterproof.


In the processing of raw materials, we will find that for dual shaft shredder,simple things are easier to tear, with higher efficiency and better quality, but for wet things, such as wood shredder, for wet wood, the shredding efficiency will be lower than that of dry wood. Because wet raw materials are easier to be glued together when torn, resulting in a certain amount of resistance, affecting the shredding effect. And long-term processing of these wet things, the internal parts of the machine corrosion, easy to rust, further affect the processing efficiency.


Therefore, two points should be avoided: one is the long-term processing of wet water containing raw materials, and the other is often drenched by rain. Even simple machines in daily life, such as bicycles, will rust and be damaged in the rain for a long time. Therefore, it is the basic common sense to avoid water pouring into machines.


If it is not used for a long time, the key parts such as bearings can be coated with lubricating oil to prevent moisture corrosion in the air.


In short, the maintenance of the machine is a long-term daily work, which requires persistence and patience.


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