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During the work of dual shaft shredder machine equipment,its bearing will inevitably appear heating phenomenon, serious heating will affect the normal operation of the equipment. So, what are the causes of bearing heating?


1. Oil leakage of oil pipe and lack of oil supply pressure;

2.The oil pipe is blocked and the lubricating grease is not moving smoothly;

3.The lubricating oil is too dirty and mixed with impurities;

4.The space between bearing bush and shaft is too small;

5. Improper selection of lubricating oil, too large or too small particle size;

6.The oil temperature heater is not turned on before starting in winter, and the oil is too sticky;

7、 In summer, the lubricating oil from the oil pump does not pass through the oil cooler, or the oil cooler has defects, such as water pipe blockage, poor water flow and water cut-off;

8、 The bearing circulating cooling water device has defects, such as blockage, etc;

9、 If the discharge port is too small (the thrust plate is too long), the force on the eccentric shaft is too large;

10、 The drive belt is pulled too tight and the bearing force of the shaft is too large.


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