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Dual shaft shredder is a kind of machine used for fine crushing,which is generally used to process raw materials or scraps to make its size smaller. A typical example is the shredding of plastic or rubber scraps as raw materials for melting and granulation, which can be used to make plastic bottles, tires or garbage cans. Dual shaft shredder is often used to crush large-diameter PE plastic pipes, bundles of plastic film, large piles of plastic sheets and other materials.


Customers who have seen the dual shaft shredder may pay attention to a detail, that is, the blade of the dual shaft shredder rotates in two directions. Some customers don't understand these very well. The tool steering of dual shaft shredder has a very important relationship with the machine.


In the actual use process, the two cutter shafts of dual shaft shredder have two kinds of positive and negative rotation. In the normal operation process, it is required that a cutter shaft rotates forward and a cutter shaft reverses. The two knives are rotated inward, kneaded and shredded. If the material is stuck in the process of tearing, it is necessary to change the automatic mode into manual mode in the PLC touch screen control cabinet, then click the reverse button of one or two axes, and then rotate outward in the opposite direction, and then initiate the forward rotation button, and then continue the operation. Different steering has different functions.


The intelligent protection system designed by Jiepu environmental protection company can reduce the maintenance cost and failure risk, ensure the long-term healthy operation of the equipment, and protect the motor and tool bearing. The intelligent control is equipped with PLC touch screen, which is more convenient to operate.


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