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The production and operation of dual shaft shredder is inseparable from the belt drive, so the daily maintenance of the belt is also quite important.


Proper maintenance can ensure the normal operation of the dual shaft  shredder, so how to maintain it?


1.The belt of dual shaft shredder is not easy to be too loose or too tight during installation, so the belt should be adjusted in time;


2.The belt of dual shaft shredder should prevent direct contact with acid, alkali, diesel, engine oil, gasoline and other items, and avoid direct sunlight exposure.


3.The V-belts produced by different factories or with different old and new degree can not be used in the same group, and the belts of different specifications and models can not replace each other.


4.The V-belt of dual shaft shredder should not be operated at the temperature higher than 60 ℃.


5.When there are cracks in the hole of the pulley, the notch of the groove or the surface of the groove is seriously worn, it should be replaced in time. If the belt has serious wear and contact with the groove bottom, the belt is aged, cracked or plastic twisted, it should be replaced accordingly, and the belt on the same pulley should be replaced at the same time.


6.In order to prevent the dual shaft shredder belt from slipping, the belt wax or belt oil should be applied to the working surface of the belt, but it is generally not used. In case of belt slipping, the belt tension can be increased.


7.The belt and pulley of dual shaft shredder must be clean and tidy everyday to prevent dust invasion.


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