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What kind of reducer should the metal shredder be equipped with

Time:2021-02-21 16:43:13   Author:ShuGuang  Popularity:423

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There are many kinds of material operations for the metal shredder. Although the structure of the shredder is simple, the coordination of each part is very compact, so it can work smoothly and the size of the shredded material is the same. The rotation speed of the cutter shaft of the shredder is very low, mainly relying on the force of the blade on the rotating shaft to tear and shear the material to carry out the shredding work, so the cutter shaft needs greater power.So how is its power controlled?

The main components of the metal shredder are the frame, motor, reducer, knife shaft, and blades. They are an indispensable combination. The shredder needs a lot of power when shredding materials.Due to the high hardness of metal materials, the difficulty of shredding is relatively large, so the speed of the shaft should not be too fast.The metal material shredder can only be shredded by a steady low speed, which is what we call low speed and high torque.

So how is this effect achieved?This is the function of the reducer. Only the high speed of the motor transmits the power of low speed and high torque to the blade shaft through the action of the reducer, so that the shaft and blade have enough power to shred metal materials.

Therefore, the stable power of the blade when working is brought by the reducer, so the role of the reducer is more important. When the shredder is in production, it is necessary to configure a reliable reducer, so that it can be shredded. At this time, there will be no loss of power that will affect the production. More seriously, the motor will generate a lot of heat or burn the motor. Therefore, when choosing a reducer, you need to choose a reliable brand.

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