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Coal drying machine

Coal drying machine

Applied MaterialFeeding Size

Device ConfigurationProcessing Capacity1.5-20t/h

Applied Material:coal,limestone,ammonium sulfate, alkali sulfide, Anfu powder, ammonium nitrate, urea, oxalic acid,etc.

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Product introduction

Coal is a common solid waste. With the acceleration of the industrial field, the discharge of coal is also increasing sharply. It not only causes serious environmental pollution to the air, rivers, and farmland, but also seriously harms the environment. Human health must take reasonable measures to increase its comprehensive recycling rate.

Because coal contains a certain amount of moisture, it needs to be dried and dehydrated by drying equipment. For this reason, the shuguang machine is specially designed for the characteristics of coal, the following is a brief introduction to this coal drying.

Special advantage

1. More professionalism: This coal drying machine not only fully combines the advantages of traditional drying equipment, but also combines the characteristics of fly ash, which is more targeted and professional for fly ash.

2. Better drying effect: the dried fly ash has low water content, does not contain any impurities, and has better quality, which meets the material requirements of the industrial field.

3. Larger processing capacity: The barrel not only uses sophisticated materials, but also has a relatively large volume. The processing capacity of fly ash per unit time is large, and the output is more than 5 times that of common dryers.

4. Lower operating cost: The insulation layer is installed, the heat energy is not easy to lose, and the energy consumption and power consumption are low. It can save 100,000 to 150,000 yuan of capital investment for the processing plant every year.

5. The equipment is affordable: the coal drying belongs to our company's direct sales equipment. Under the premise of ensuring quality and performance, the manufacturing cost and investment cost are reduced by more than 50%, The price of drying coal only accounts for about 90% of the market price.

Working principle

The heat source of the coal drying comes from the combustion device. The coal drying adopts the forward flow heating mode. Therefore, the river sand materials that need to be dried slip into the cylinder body from the feed box and the feed material, which is pushed back by the screw plate. Due to the tilt of the dryer, on the one hand, the river sand flows to the back end under the action of gravity and rotation, on the other hand, the river sand is repeatedly picked up by the plate, carried to the upper end, and then continuously spread down, so that the river sand materials form a uniform curtain in the cylinder, and fully exchange heat with the hot air flow in the cylinder. Due to the repeated spreading of river sand materials, the water contained in the sand is gradually dried, so as to achieve drying.

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